CHEP Products and Services

CHEP is structured into strategic service teams and each is led by professionals. This enables
CHEP to offer considerable range of services either free or at subsidized rates to elderly people
int he society. Our products and services include the following:


Healthcare and Welfare for the Elderly

This product class delivers quality health care and welfare services to elderly people. Items like
drugs, foods and clothes, etc, are given to needly elderly people on both group and individual

Campaigns, Outreaches, Training and Seminars

CHEP organises training, workshops, seminars etc, on regular basis to teach, educate and sensitize
the elderly people on various issues and ailments affecting them. This product service preventive
and curative pruposes and it is highly information oriented. It focuses on training youths on care
for older persons in Nigeria.

Management of the Elderly

This offers specialized and/or personalized health care or welfare service to individuals or
specific elderly people having peculiar problems or ailments that require special attention and
where necessary, referrals are made to specialist centres.


Home Care

This offer delivers CHEP service to elderly people in their own homes. It enables less privileged
people and incapacitated elderly people to benefit from CHEP. We manage their challenges from home
thereby prolonging their longevity.


Alternative Home for the Elderly

CHEP Elderly Peoples Home
CHEP provides alternative home for elderly people i.e. CHEP OLD PEOPLES Home. It is meant to give
shelter and total CHEP care to elderly people or those that demand very special care promptly.
CHEP helps to cate for old people on behalf of their wards and this enables those wards to keep
their jobs and routines. It restores hope, joy and full meaning to elderly peoples’ lives.


CHEP Services also includes:

Free Blood Pressure and diabetes screening every Friday